The effect of smoking on potency in men

In the modern world, finding a man without bad habits is quite problematic. Even if a healthy lifestyle is a guarantee for health and longevity. Every third young person smokes. Almost everyone is sure that cigarettes are not that harmful. In addition to the damage to the entire organism, male potency is also attacked. Every smoker sooner or later develops erectile dysfunction. The harmful effects of smoking on potency are undeniable.

Harmful composition of cigarettes

Many smokers are used to believing that only nicotine is the most harmful thing in cigarettes. All other substances, smoke, have no effect on the body. I would like to understand this problem in more detail. Every component of cigarettes harms a man's body, his potency. And nicotine is just a harmless substance compared to other components.

All toxic chemicals, along with the smoke, are converted into volatile elements that are deposited not only in the lungs of smokers but also in their surroundings. This is why they say that passive smokers suffer on an equal footing with everyone. Scientists have found that one cigarette contains up to 5000 such toxic elements. Most of them lead to the destruction of many organs and systems.

Many smokers believe that the filter on the cigarette acts as a barrier to chemicals entering the body. It is worth dispelling this myth. The filter only holds back 30-40% of all pollutants. In addition, when inhaling smoke, the body suffers no less. So in the composition of many cigarettes you can find the following components:

  • Cadmium;
  • Hydrocyanic acid;
  • To lead;
  • Benzene;
  • Arsenic;
  • Acetaldehyde;
  • Methane;
  • Nitrobenzene;
  • Phenol;
  • Radioactive substances;
  • Carbon monoxide;
  • Formaldehyde.

What we breathe in when we smoke is nicotine. It is considered a kind of soft drug. With a small dose of it, a person feels arousal, a surge of energy, uplifting, mild dizziness. This effect disappears quickly enough. This encourages you to keep reaching for your cigarette. Regular cigarette smoking as early as 3 weeks is enough to become dependent on this addiction. The nicotine doses should be increased. This adversely affects the cardiovascular system, potency, hormones and the nervous system.

Cadmium is a heavy metal that is deposited and accumulated in the kidneys. Kidney poisoning occurs. It also makes bones excessively fragile, which causes calcium to be washed out of them. Lead is a particularly dangerous metal. It accumulates in absolutely all body systems. Penetrates deep into tissues and cells. Disseminated absolutely everywhere by blood.

Methane is a poisonous gas. It often causes dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. When a small dose of methane is consumed with a cigarette, side effects are almost imperceptible. However, the element has a cumulative property. Phenol irritates the mucous membranes. Because of him, experienced smokers are diagnosed with cancer of the larynx, trachea and esophagus. These are not all of the harmful components in cigarettes that kill the human body. Therefore, before reaching for a cigarette, you need to think more than once about the dire consequences.

Smoking and its effect on potency photo 1

Today you can find a large number of so-called "light" cigarettes. It should be remembered that the composition of such cigarettes is the same as that of conventional ones. Therefore, they cannot save you from disease. Their difference lies only in the amount of harmful chemical constituents. There's a little less of it in a thin cigarette. But the full range of poisons is presented. The harmful effects of cigarettes on male potency and the entire body is only a matter of time.

Cigarettes and male potency

Does smoking affect potency? One can say that with certainty. And not in the best sense. Nicotine gets into the blood vessels very quickly, which allows it to spread throughout the body. The substance also enters the bloodstream of the genitourinary system. Sperm activity decreases immediately under the influence of cigarettes. And the number of people alive is falling sharply in general. Potency problems already occur at the level of spermatogenesis. Cigarettes can completely change the structure of the resulting sperm.

It has long been proven that the activity of sperm cells in smokers is many times less than in a healthy man. Therefore, the first condition in the treatment of such a pathology is a man's complete refusal of cigarettes. It has been found that the more a young man smokes cigarettes during the day, the lower his potency becomes. Erectile dysfunction begins to develop very quickly. Smoking one pack of cigarettes a day increases the chance of complete impotence by 65%.

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Nicotine, which is found in all cigarettes, has a detrimental effect on the adrenal glands. They contribute to the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline is needed to increase blood pressure and heartbeat. A small dose of adrenaline will not increase blood flow. The flow of blood to the penis is just impossible. The erection becomes too weak or does not come at all. Therefore, cigarettes lead to several potency problems.

The effect of smoking on potency is also explained by the presence of carbon dioxide in the composition of cigarettes. It affects the walls of the blood vessels, which leads to potency problems. When smoking cigarettes for a long time, the body has a lack of oxygen. A lack of oxygen in the genitals develops. The vessels become thinner, which leads to their rapid clogging. The flow of blood to the erectile tissue of the penis just becomes impossible. The potency worsens strongly when stimulated in the form of erection loss.

Smoking cigarettes leads to a decrease in the production of sex hormones. Low testosterone levels in men are the main cause of poor potency. In general, against the background of cigarette smoking, there are such problems with potency:

  • Male infertility;
  • weak erection;
  • Lack of erection;
  • Circulatory disorders in the pelvic area;
  • Decreased sex drive.

Numerous studies have been done showing the effects of cigarettes on potency. So if both partners smoke, the number of sexual acts is significantly lower than in a non-smoking family. The desire for sexual intercourse when smoking cigarettes is also significantly reduced. The orgasm stops being bright, sometimes it doesn't come at all.

An increase in potency is only possible under the condition of complete smoking cessation. However, it is worth noting that there will be no immediate result. Long-term cigarette consumption has irreparably damaged not only potency, but all organs of the male body. You can notice positive changes in potency as early as six months after giving up cigarettes. Of course, not only does a man have to say goodbye to a bad habit, but also completely change his lifestyle. Healthy eating and exercise speed up the process of restoring potency. Specialists often prescribe additional medication to improve erectile function.